I want to start off my second blog by talking about parents and how valuable, precious, and important they are in our lives. Now the only two people in the whole world you can blindly trust are your mother and father in my opinion.  Now a days most people have forgotten the value of their parents and how to respect their parents. Before doing something or saying something that will hurt our parents, we should stop and think about all the sacrifices they have done for our well being, so we could become successful one day. When our parents grow old, they are like kids and it is their children’s job to take responsibility and take care of them like they did for us. Now matter how many things we do for our parents, we can never in our lifetime pay off their favors upon us and we should be thankful for them because you only get one mother and one father and we should cherish each and every second we spend with them.

Mother Father Child Family Roof Security

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